Uni Ball Tube End

Armada Uni Ball Tube Ends


Armadas Uni Ball Tube Ends machined from 4130.

*Uni Ball and Misalignment Spacers Sold Separate


Product Description

Armada Engineering’s Uni Ball Tube Ends are a great new replacement for rod ends. With today’s technology and ability to fabricate within tight tolerances, the need for adjustment has become a thing of the past. A few key advantages of the new parts are reduced prep and set up time as well as prep cost on vehicles. The cost of a uni ball is significantly less expensive than that of a rod end not to mention noticeably lighter as well. These beautifully machined parts are made from 4130 chromoly

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs

1” uni ball for 1 ¾” x .120 wall tube, 7/8” uni ball for 1 ½” .120 wall tube, 7/8” uni ball for 1 ¼” .120 wall tube, 5/8″ uni ball for 1″ x .120 wall tube