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Specialized & Production Fabrication

Armada Engineering offers many services to their customers. One of Armada’s specialties is their advanced fabrication skills utilizing todays leading technology. Armada has you covered from conceptual designs to high quality finished product. From concept to reality, your project will only be handled by our industry leading engineers, experienced fabricators, mechanics, and ASME/AWS certified welders.

World Class Vehicles

Armada Engineering is dedicated to developing and crafting the world’s highest quality performance vehicles. Our entire reputation rests on the experienced skills and passion of our employees, building each of these vehicles as if it were going to be their own.

Innovative Product Line

The team at Armada Engineering is constantly raising the bar for improvement. With over 35 years of combined experience in domestic and international engineering projects and custom fabrication, Armada has been creating diverse ways to develop things. The result of their experience has led to an innovative new product line. Armada’s products are designed to push conventional designs into the next era. Form and function, coupled with the best materials on the market make, for products that exceed the market standards.

Cutting Edge Design Services

Armada Engineering offers complete CAD services so that we can implement all of your ideas and designs into 3D CAD models using Solidworks. If you already have an existing product, we can reverse engineer it using a variety of methods, including non-contact laser scanners. After we have completed all your CAD/Engineer needs we can then move into the prototype and phases.

Machining, Laser and Water Jet Cutting Services

At Armada Engineering we have a large network of skilled craftsman and machines available to us. There are very few production processes the are outside of our ability or network. 5 axis CNC, water jet cutting, laser cutting, CNC tube cutting (notching), bending, plating, anodizing, and 3D laser scanning are all within our abilities.